How Professional Drain Cleaning Keeps Clogs Away Longer

How Professional Drain Cleaning Keeps Clogs Away Longer

We’ve all been there. A kitchen drain clogs up and we have to watch the sink slowly fill with water as we’re trying to get some cleaning done. Or, the tub fills with water as you are trying to take a quick, relaxing shower. It’s frustrating but, of course, there may be an easy fix: your plunger. It loosens up clogs so they can move down the drain with ease.

Unfortunately, if the clog isn’t near the drain opening, the plunger won’t do the trick. And there are no other home drain cleaning methods that can really solve the problem without drawbacks. The best way to get your drain clean is with professional plumbing services. Even better? The drains may not clog up for a long time to come!

Professional Hydro Jetting: A Thorough Drain Cleaning Method

When our customers are frustrated with drain clogs that seem to come up time and time again, we recommend hydro jetting. It is the most thorough method of really clearing out the drains, preventing blockage from collecting so easily in the near future.

The tool used is a very thin hose, thin enough to enter a cleanout and fit through your drainpipes–or modern hoses can even fit through kitchen drains in the home. Water blasts from the jet at all 360° from the nozzle.

Over the years, a lot of grease and fat makes its way into the drains, even if you are careful to avoid this. The residue from the grease gets left behind in the drains. And that makes it easy for other pieces of debris to latch on and gather to create a barrier within the drainpipe.

With drain snakes and drain augers, the source of the clog is pulled out of the drain. But with hydro jetting, the residue in the pipe is removed too, making it less likely for blockage to reappear any time soon.

Call Allstar Home Services for hydro jetting with drain cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.


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