Hydro Jetting vs. Drain Snaking: Which Works Better for Drains?

Hydro Jetting vs. Drain Snaking: Which Works Better for Drains?

When the drains around your home clog up, you might try a few at-home steps first and foremost. Of course, a plunger should be your go-to source for dislodging a difficult clog from a toilet or sink. But we recommend against using chemical drain cleaners, which damage the pipes and may pose serious health risks in the wrong hands.

That said, where a plunger fails, there are two standard tools a plumber may use to tackle pesky drain clogs. Drain snaking is the method you may think of when it comes to professional drain cleaning, using a drain auger to catch onto blockage or push it through the sewer line. But sometimes, hydro jetting is the better choice.

Drain Snaking

A drain snake is a long, strong cable with an attachment at the end. The cable can be fed through the drain either manually or automatically. And the ends of most drain augers are removable, allowing your plumber to select the right tool for the job.

For example, if you have tree roots in the drain, a rotating blade may attach to the end. A boring tool may be used to penetrate harder objects in the pipes, while a retriever can latch onto something to pull it out.

All in all, drain snaking is great for targeting specific blockages within the pipes. However, it has limits.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting does what drain snaking cannot. Plumbers use hydro jetting to clean out pipes completely with a high-pressure hose that blasts residue from the pipe lining. Sometimes, hydro jetting is used in combination with drain snaking, but it may be used alone as well.

Drain snaking may be the better option in some situations. Hydro jetting is best for clogs caused by fats, oils, and grease, but it can be used to blast away debris and buildup of all types. You can expect a cleaner drain that doesn’t back up so easily after drain cleaning with hydro jetting service. For more information, ask your plumber!

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