Signs of Hidden Water Damage in Your Home

Signs of Hidden Water Damage in Your Home

Recognizing the Signs of Water Damage

Our water damage restoration specialists have seen firsthand that water damage can appear whereCartoon water droplets and when you least expect it. The longer you wait to seek water damage restoration services, the worse a problem can get, and the more it costs to fix in the long run. Learn to recognize the signs with the help of our plumbers and specialists, and call us to learn more about water damage restoration services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

#1: Brown stains on walls and ceilings

Those rusty-colored stains on your wall or ceiling are signs of water damage, either present or previous. Pipes behind the walls or a leaky rooftop lead water to slowly build up, so the stains may appear gradually. But even at their smallest, you should take it as a serious issue. Don’t wait to call a plumber for any pipe repair and a water damage restoration specialist ASAP.

#2: Changes in the paint or wallpaper

It may be more difficult to see stains underneath layers of dark paint or wallpaper but there are still signs to look out for. Chipping or peeling paint is one sign of a sure problem, as is anything that causes the wallpaper to bulge out or bubble from the wall. You may notice watermarks in the wallpaper, and you should not assume these are normal for your home.

#3: Doors that are difficult to close

This one sounds strange to many who have not experienced it. Do you have trouble closing the door? Does it seem as though the door doesn’t really fit into its frame? This may be a sign of water damage causing parts of the door frame to expand. In fact, unusual swelling may be common in many parts of the home that could be affected by water damage. Swelling of wood furniture, baseboards, or other parts of the home could be indicative of temperature changes but may also be signs of a water leak or recent water damage in the area.

#4: Mold growth

The appearance of mold in the home is an easy indicator of a problem, though some people do not realize how serious the issue really is. The appearance of mold means that there is likely water where you cannot even see it. The mold is bad for your health and it can spread quickly, meaning you may need to repair or replace more of the structure the longer you wait to get help. If you see mold anywhere in the home, or if you notice the smell of mildew, call in a specialist.

#5: Unexplained moisture in parts of the home

Sometimes, we don’t think twice about a strange wet spot in the kitchen or bathroom. But if condensation or floor moisture seems to appear from nowhere, take notice. There may be a leak from above you’ve never noticed before or a leak behind a wall or ceiling allowing for condensation to build up. It’s better to call an expert to inspect for water damage than to wait to address the problem.

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