2 Foods You Should Stop Putting into the Garbage Disposal

2 Foods You Should Stop Putting into the Garbage Disposal

When you have a garbage disposal, it may seem nearly invincible. You scrape your plate into the sink and you don’t have to worry about smells from the garbage can and taking out the trash right away. You simply flip a switch and the mess is gone.

It’s easy to get carried away and feel like your garbage disposal can take on anything you throw at it. But a couple of foods that commonly go down the disposal, it may surprise you to hear, often are not as harmless as they seem.


Hopefully, you know not to put anything too hard into the disposal, like popcorn kernels and meat bones. These can easily stop up the disposal and cause the motor to jam—plus they are not good for your pipes. Knowing that something like pasta seems harmless in the garbage disposal.

And while pasta may not harm the garbage disposal, it can do damage to your pipes. That’s because pasta and related foods, like rice, are expandable, meaning they expand in water. Pasta is a common source of drain clogs. Even after the disposal breaks it apart into smaller pieces, the pasta can expand and create a blockage that leads to backup in the drains.

Corn Husks

This is one of those foods that seems like it would be harmless and easily chopped into smaller pieces. But the stringy, or fibrous, nature of corn husks make them difficult for your garbage disposal to process. The disposal doesn’t necessarily “chop” food as you may think. Rather, it breaks apart food into smaller pieces as the impeller spins thanks to centrifugal force.

Corn husks may simply wrap around the impeller motors, blocking up the system and jamming the motor at your disposal. This can force it to shut down, as could these other stringy foods:

  • Celery
  • Asparagus
  • Onion skins
  • Artichokes
  • Potato peels

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