High Water Pressure: Causes & Solutions

High Water Pressure: Causes & Solutions

Water Pressure Too High? Woman heating up water for a bath

High Water Pressure: Causes & Solutions For Rancho Cucamonga Homes

If your water is coming out of your sink or shower with excessive force, it is more than just an inconvenience. A lot of people consider high water pressure a good thing, but this is not actually the case. While it can make for a more preferable shower experience, it will actually cause a lot of damage to your pipes and appliances. It shortens the life of your dishwasher, water heater, washing machine and more, and it causes your plumbing to spring leaks.

What is the cause of your water pressure that is too high, and how can you solve it? Allstar is the reliable source for plumbing information in Rancho Cucamonga, and we’ll share the information and tips that will help you.

Causes of High Water Pressure

These are three common causes of high water pressure in residences:

  • Living at the Bottom of a Hill – This seems almost comical, but the effect of gravity will take its toll if you live “downstream”. It is a very common cause.
  • Local Water Company – Are there a lot of tall buildings in your area or fire hydrants? If so, your water company may keep the pressure there high to satisfy those needs.
  • Thermal Expansion – You might notice high water pressure more when you use hot water, and this is because the heat is causing the water to expand. You can tell if your expansion tank is not functioning properly if you hear banging noises from the pipes.

Other causes are frequently due to malfunctioning plumbing or improper pressure settings.

Solutions For High Water Pressure

What can you do to prevent the inevitable damage that hot water will cause? The first line of action is to call your local plumber. From there, a water pressure regulator/pressure regulator valve may be recommended.

A water pressure regulator is something found on all homes built after 2002. If your home was constructed before then, or it has been 7 – 12 years since it was last replaced, this is probably the best solution.

Need Someone To Take A Look At Your Water Pressure?High water pressure

Letting high water pressure go unchecked in your home is waiting for damage to occur in very expensive parts of the house. The plumbers at Allstar are always happy to take a look and determine the cause and solution for your particular situation.

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