Why a Slab Leak Isn't a Quick Fix

Why a Slab Leak Isn't a Quick Fix

We hope you’ve never had to deal with a slab leak in the past. If you have, you already know that a slab leak is not a quick and easy fix, even for the most trained plumber.

While there are methods of repair that can potentially reduce the amount of your property affected, any repair will be somewhat invasive, requiring technicians to access a pipe underneath the concrete slab on your property. And this won’t be easy.

Here’s What a Slab Leak Really Is

A slab leak is not something that is easily accessible. The industry term, “slab leak,” doesn’t refer to just any old leak in a pipe underground. It specifically refers to one below the concrete slab on your property. Usually, that means a pinhole leak, a small one that may take a while to detect.

Options for Repair

When you need slab leak repair, you may have a couple of different options. In some cases, pinhole leaks may be able to be reached through trenchless methods. However, trenchless technology is more commonly used with sewer repair, as it’s easier employed with larger pipes.

More often, the method used for slab leak repair involves drilling into the ground with the most direct method possible. Using a jack hammer on the concrete slab is not uncommon, and it’s often the quickest route to the affected area.

On the other hand, plumbers can reroute a pipe so that this won’t be such a problem in the future, especially if you’ve had to deal with slab leaks in the past.

The whole job will take time. Plumbers will use special leak detection equipment to locate the precise area of the leak first and foremost. You will need to communicate with your insurance company and your plumbers. That is why you must call someone the moment you suspect a problem, and don’t worry if it seems to be taking some time.

Allstar Home Services offers slab leak detection and repair services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Call our team today!


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