Is Your Water Heater On Its Last Leg?

Is Your Water Heater On Its Last Leg?

Water Heater FailureWoman experiencing water heater failure during a shower

Catch A Water Heater Failure Ahead of Time & Avoid the Inconvenience

If you know the signs to pay attention to, you can avoid the big headache of dealing with icy water in your home. Most people aren’t familiar with the signs and get caught unaware. Here are a few signs of water heater failure from All Star that you should pay attention to and act on.

Old Water Heater

Out of all the signals you could keep track of for your water heater, old age is the most obvious but also the easiest to forget about. If you are unsure of your heater’s age, simply check the manufacturer’s sticker on the top. It will have a serial number on it.

The first three characters are the ones you should pay attention to:

First Letter First Two Digits
A = January 05 = 2005
B = February 06 = 2006
C = March 07 = 2007
D = April 08 =2008
Etc. Etc.

If your water heater is over 10 years old, it probably won’t last much longer.

Noisy ShowersSediment buildup on a shower head

In addition to rumbling or banging noise when using hot water, you might be experiencing leaks. These signs indicate sediment buildup in your tank. Sediment causes your heater to be less efficient, taking up room in your tank and causing it to struggle when heating water. The sediment can also create a lot of wear on the metal, which is why leaks are often present with this problem.

If you seem to be waiting longer and longer for your water to warm up, consider a replacement.

Orange Hot Water

Orange water is rusty water. Sometimes, it can occur from both the cold water and the hot water. In that case, it can be due to a number of things, including water main breaks and pipe corrosion. But if the problem is isolated to the hot water after it has been running a while, it’s probably a problem with your water heater.

A rusty water heater is a problem, because the tank is corroding and being washed away. This will eventually cause leaks.


Having your water heater flushed once per year will help prevent sediment buildup. Nothing can stop old age, but you can prevent premature failure with professional service.

If you are interested in extending the life of your water heater or are already dealing with signs of water heater failure, All Star is always here in Rancho Cucamonga to provide professional service at (909) 219-9704.


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