The Costly Effects of A Wrong-Sized AC Unit

The Costly Effects of A Wrong-Sized AC Unit

Don’t Think Bigger, Think Correctly Sized!

When you need a new AC unit to keep your home comfortably cool, don’t always think that bigger is better. An AC unit that is too large can actually be as problematic as one that is too small. Here, the magic is in the middle. An incorrectly sized AC unit will not only cost you in dollars, but may take a toll on your comfort, indoor air quality and perhaps even your health.

How Exactly?

Air Conditioning Unit

A lot of people may reasonably assume that having a bigger unit than they need will only help them by providing more cooling power, but this assumption isn’t accurate. Let’s focus on the issues with oversized AC units.

System Failures More Often

Oversized units cause problems because they frequently cycle on and off, an issue referred to as short cycling. This constant powering up and powering down causes your system to work harder than it should to cool your home. Short cycling increases wear and tear on the AC unit, shortening its operating life and increasing the chances of surprise breakdowns. Your energy bills will also be higher, as an AC unit uses the most energy when it powers up.

Wrong-Sized AC Units Can Cause Also Air Flow Problems, Including:

  • Blowing warm air.
  • Air pressure problems, such as drafts and whistling sounds.
  • Varying cold and hot areas.

High Humidity Problems

Another byproduct of short cycling is that the AC unit usually doesn’t run long enough to remove moisture in your home’s air, resulting in high humidity.

When relative humidity is higher than 50%, dust mites can begin to thrive. Dust mites present a problem for people who suffer from asthma or allergies. When the relative humidity is above 70%, mold can begin to thrive and the chances of respiratory infection from bacteria or fungi increases.

If high humidity does occur, you can use an individual, stand alone dehumidifier. This will most likely drop your relative humidity, but these machines generally only function for one room at a time and won’t solve your AC unit problem in the long run.

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