Why is Water Leaking from My AC?

Why is Water Leaking from My AC?

Reasons for Air Conditioner Leaks

Have you noticed water leaking from your air conditioning unit? A water leak should be addressed by an HVAC professional immediately. Here are some possible causes of a water lead that need attention quickly.

Clogged Condensate Line

A clogged drain line is one of the most common reasons your unit will leak water. Over time, dust, dirt, algae, and water can back up the drain line. There are different ways to unclog the line, but a professional can use special tools to unclog the line. More modern units have shut off functions to protect the unit from damage if clogs are detected. A simple tip to prevent clogs is to pour a cup of bleach into the drain line. Routine maintenance will prevent clogged lines and prevent emergency calls.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter can prevent airflow through the unit. This blockage can cause the evaporator coil to freeze. Once the coil defrosts, it can drip excessive water into the pan. Check your air filter on the first of every month to see if it needs to be changed. A general rule of thumb is to replace the filter every one to three months.

Low Refrigerant

A refrigerant leak causes pressure in the unit to drop drastically. Common indicators of this problem include warm air blowing from your vents and a hissing sound. HVAC professionals can determine the location of the leak and provide repair solutions.

Cracked Drain Pan

A damaged drain pan can rust or crack over time from increased humidity. This damage can create condensation that drips into the pan. Small cracks or holes in the drain pan can allow water to overflow onto the floor before it gets to the drain hose. Small holes can be patched yourself with epoxy. However, to prevent future problems, you should consult a professional.

A water leak from your air conditioning unit should not be ignored. The worst thing to do is nothing at all. Leaking water can destroy walls and ceilings, and produce deadly mold. Pay attention to these warning signs, be proactive, and call a professional right away!


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