How to Snake a Drain

How to Snake a Drain

Dealing with clogged drains is an inevitability. Whether it’s your sink, shower or toilet, eventually it will get clogged and need to be cleared. Some minor clogs can be cleared with plunging or chemicals, but tougher clogs will need to be removed with the help of a drain auger also known as a plumbing snake. Drain augers are very cost-effective and simple to use.


Gather Your Supplies

First, you’ll need to decide which type of snake you’ll need. Sink and tub snakes differ from those made for toilets. Make sure you purchase the right type. There are manual and electric augers that vary in length. At least 50 feet of wire is needed for the average household unclogging job.

Next, you’ll need to gather a bucket, a pair of rubber gloves and paper towels. If taking apart the drain assembly is necessary, you may also need a monkey wrench and a regular screwdriver.

Get to Work

If the stopper or strainer is in the way, remove it. Slowly start feeding the cable into the drain by hand. There will be some resistance before the cable is able to make it around the bend of the pipe, but once it’s through it should continue smoothly.

Once you’re met with another bit of resistance or it can’t clear the bend, use the crank on the auger. Turning the crank will rotate the wire and allow the tip to either bust through the clog or grab hold of it. If you think you have the clog, retract the wire and dispose of the obstruction. If not, continue repeating the process until water is able to flow freely.

If the clog is too tough for you to clear on your own and you need professional assistance, contact Allstar Plumbing and we'll get the job done.


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