Why Isn't My Water Hot?

Why Isn't My Water Hot?

You go to your sink to wash your hands only to find that your hot water is not working. Your water is either lukewarm or just cold. There are several things that could cause your hot water heater to malfunction.

Causes of Hot Water Loss

Over time, your hot water heater can become damaged, or it can just fail due to age. Here are several things that might be going on when you do not have hot water:

· Failed heating elements: An electric hot water heater will have two heating elements located inside. If you are experiencing lukewarm water, one of the heating elements has burnt out. If you are experiencing cold water, both of your heating elements may have failed.

· Electrical issues: In some cases, your hot water may be out because of a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. You will want to check both if your hot water heater is not producing hot water.

· Leaking: If your hot water heater is leaking, all of the hot water may be running out. This will also cause an increase in your water bill as well as your power bill.

· Gas related issues: If you have a gas-powered heater, the pilot light may have failed, or you may have a failed burner. If a burner becomes rusted and corroded, it will eventually burn out. The pilot light can also become corroded, which will keep it from igniting.

If you are experiencing lukewarm water or cold water when you are supposed to have hot water, please call us at Allstar Plumbing and Rooter at (909) 219-9704. We will come out and inspect your hot water heater thoroughly to ensure that we find the issue. Once we have found the issue, we will let you know the cost and begin the repair.


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