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Why Isn't My Water Hot?
Why Isn't My Water Hot?

You go to your sink to wash your hands only to find that your hot water is not working. Your water is either lukewarm or just cold. There are several things that could cause your hot water heater to malfunction. Causes of Hot Water Loss Over time, your hot water heater can ...

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  • Replacing vs. Repairing a Water Heater

    Do you know when it's time to replace your water heater? Watch out for these signs: Allstar Plumbing is the dedicated team for all your home comfort ...

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  • What Makes a Tankless Water Heater So Efficient?

    f you’ve done a little research on water heaters , you’ll know that tankless water heaters are a popular choice these days. You probably know that ...

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  • Is Your Water Heater On Its Last Leg?

    Water Heater Failure Catch A Water Heater Failure Ahead of Time & Avoid the Inconvenience If you know the signs to pay attention to, you can avoid the ...

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  • Your Next Water Heater: The Heat Pump Water Heater

    You may have heard that tankless water heaters are efficient and durable, but have you heard of this energy-saving alternative? The heat pump water ...

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  • Should I Worry about Loud Water Heater Noises?

    When a water heater makes loud noises, you may become alarmed. It’s important to take notice when the systems in your home are not working properly so ...

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  • Two Water Heaters that Can Save You a Lot of Money

    When was the last time you really thought about how much energy and fuel the appliances in your home are using? Many older appliances are major energy ...

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  • Why It's Important to Schedule Professional Water Heater Maintenance

    A water heater maintenance visit can help to prevent water heater breakdowns and offers a couple of other benefits to mindful homeowners as well. ...

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  • What Size Should My New Water Heater Be?

    If you’re looking into purchasing a new water heater , any old unit won’t do. We think it’s important to put some thought into such a big home ...

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  • How a Heat Pump Water Heater Can Save You Money

    In need of a water heater replacement? You probably already know about the two major options available for homes throughout the country: tank water ...

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