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How Durable Is a Trenchless Repair?

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tunnel-like-pipeHave you heard the good news? Repairing your sewer pipe no longer requires you to sacrifice your entire yard. That’s the problem with conventional pipe repair. It typically requires plumbers to dig long, wide trenches, which sometimes stretch out to the street. You can spend a lot to repair the damage, and it’s certainly not an ideal situation.

But trenchless sewer repair eliminates the damage. You may need one or two holes dug in your yard, but these are much smaller and less obtrusive than a trench made to remove older pipes and replace them with new ones. Equipment is able to insert a new pipe lining for an old worn-down pipe, but is this a durable solution?

A misconception about trenchless repair

Many people are concerned when they hear that their trenchless repair involves using a new pipe lining. It may sound, on first hearing about it, that trenchless pipe linings are flimsy or flexible if they are to be inserted into an older pipe. However, it’s the epoxy used to coat the pipe lining that’s the real star of the show.

A new pipe lining is pulled through the old pipe and coated in an epoxy, which hardens to effectively seal a new pipe lining into place. It won’t shrink the diameter of the pipe, as you may picture, in any significant way. Typically, this process is sufficient as long as the old pipe is about 1.5 inches in diameter.

The durability of this pipe lining

In most cases, the new pipe lining will stand the test of time. In fact, some pipe linings are project to last upwards of 50 years! Because it is not made of metal, it’s not going to corrode, and few external factors make an impact on its lifespan.

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