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Rancho Cucamonga, CA Grease Trap Services by Allstar Home Services

Plumbing tools and pieces laying on top of diagramHave you ever poured fat, oil, or grease into your garbage disposal after using it in cooking? If so, you’re probably creating some problems for yourself down the line. Those materials, collectively known as “FOG” solidify as they cool off. Once they make it into the sewer pipes, they become solid and block the flow of water. This happens with commercial kitchens as well, but the effect is magnified by the sheer amount of FOG that is washed down the drains in those environments. This can cause serious issues not only for the commercial building’s sewer line, but the municipal sewer line as well. That’s why we install and service grease traps throughout Rancho Cucamonga, CA. If you need a grease trap installed or serviced, call Allstar Home Services today.

Allstar Home Services provides grease trap services near Rancho Cucamonga, CA and the surrounding areas.

How Grease Traps Work

A grease trap is essentially a large, rectangular box that is installed in the building’s sewer line. As FOG and solid waste enters the grease trap, it will either float to the top or sink to the bottom. This leaves only liquid waste to continue flowing through the trap and into the sewer line. Since the grease trap has no way to get rid of the waste that it collects, it does need to be cleaned out every few months in order to keep working properly. Aside from simply abstaining from pouring these substances down the drain, grease traps are the best solution to sewer clogs.

The Benefits of Grease Traps

The biggest benefit of grease traps is that they save you money. If a clog develops in your sewer line, you have to pay to clean it out. That’s money that you could almost definitely find better uses for. A grease trap helps prevent unnecessary sewer clogs. Because of the affect that FOG can have on municipal sewer mains, many cities have actually made it a legal requirement to have a grease trap installed in all commercial kitchens. So, if you happen to be located in one of those cities, installing a grease trap may just save you from a hefty fine.

We Install and Service Grease Traps throughout Rancho Cucamonga, CA Installing a grease trap is a complicated and often dirty job. It’s not something that you want to be dealing with without professional knowledge and experience. That’s why you should trust us to handle your grease trap installation for you. We’ll make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Contact Us Today

We also service grease traps, draining them of the waste that they collect and then safely disposing of them. That way, you don’t have to ever worry about whether or not your grease trap is still working, or if it might become clogged itself and cause problems in the future. We’ll make sure that your grease trap is kept in the best possible condition, so that your commercial kitchen can keep operating without running into drain problems. Call Allstar Home Services today to set up an appointment.