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Tankless Water Heater Services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA by Allstar Home Services

It can sound like an oxymoron: a ‘tankless’ hot water heater. When most people think of a hot water heater, they think of a traditional tank unit. After all, how can a hot water heater work without a tank? The key to a tankless system is heating on demand. Tankless units are able to do this because they are built with a heat exchanger at the core of the system. Cold water enters the heat exchanger, absorbs the heat, and once heated to the right temperature, flows to your open tap. While this may sound like it takes a long time, it actually takes mere seconds.

Hot water knob on tubAs you can imagine, a tankless unit is quite a bit more complicated to install, repair, replace and maintain, and this is where the experts at Allstar Home Services come in. Our pros have years of experience with both gas and electrical tankless hot water heaters, and we are here to help with all of your tankless unit needs.

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Can a Tankless System Provide My Home with Enough Hot Water?

Some homeowners have concerns about having enough hot water for their homes using an on–demand system like a tankless hot water heater. A tankless system can most assuredly meet your hot water demands, but the best way to ensure this is to work with an expert, like one of our trained specialists, who will perform a calculation for sizing. Correct sizing is the key for any type of hot water heater, and tankless units are no different. What is different is how the calculation is done.

When sizing a tankless hot water heater, you start with the temperature at which you’d like your hot water to be, and then you take the temperature of the cold water entering your home. The difference between these two temperatures is known as heat rise: how many degrees it will take to heat the cold water to the temperature you want for hot water. Combining this information with your home’s flow rate will provide your Allstar Home Services technician with the correct size of tankless unit you need.

What Kinds of Benefits Does a Tankless Hot Water Heater Offer?

These are the kinds of benefits a tankless hot water heater can offer you:

  • Endless hot water – with on demand hot water, you will never have to worry about running out of hot water.
  • Very good energy efficiency – there is no standby heat loss with a tankless unit, and your unit will only use power when hot water is needed, significantly cutting down on energy usage.
  • Long lifespan – the average lifespan of a tankless system is 20 years versus a traditional tank unit, which is typically 10–13 years.
Call Allstar Home Services for All of Your Tankless Hot Water Needs Our experts can help you from beginning to end of an installation or replacement, or make sure your tankless system runs optimally with excellent repair and maintenance service. There’s no need to worry about your tankless hot water heater when the plumbing professionals from Allstar Home Services are just a phone call away! Contact Us Today